Description of Claude Monet's "Irises"

Description of Claude Monet's

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1914 – 1917.

Before us is the work of a true master impressionist. He often worked in the open air. Monet realized that the paintings created in the open air are incredibly vital and fresh. If you create them in the workshop, then this effect is almost impossible to achieve. In this case, the artist already knows in advance what he will portray.

The artist advised others and worked himself, using a specific approach to reality. You need to completely distract from what is in front of you. You just need to think about it until a certain impression of what you see appears. The impression becomes a visual impulse, which is created under the influence of what the artist sees at a certain moment.

We see luxurious irises. One gets the impression that these are not flowers, but the real sea, which attracts with its depth. The transitions in blue are impressive. The artist deliberately does not prescribe details. The expressiveness of his creation is precisely in these wide strokes that amaze with their special relief. Irises are incredibly tangible and fabulous.

The artist seeks to convey not a clear picture of what he saw, but his impressions of it. In his mind, irises are associated with a real abyss that attracts and fascinates everyone who admires it.

The mastery of the author is amazing. His colors are freshly natural. He feels the slightest nuances of color and conveys the entire depth of each shade. It is no coincidence that only a few iris flowers are spelled out in detail. For the artist, the whole landscape as a whole is significant, which is perceived by him that way. The viewer looks at the picture through the eyes of Monet himself and penetrates into the deep secrets of his soul.

The artist sought to capture the fleeting impression that this magnificent painting of blooming irises made on him. It slips away, so it’s very difficult to keep it on canvas. Only a true master can do this.

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