Description of the painting by Valentin Serov “Portrait of Orlova”

Description of the painting by Valentin Serov “Portrait of Orlova”

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Contemporaries of the artist reacted differently to this portrait. Some have charged that Serov is not just unfair to his model. They found a certain sarcasm in this picture. The artist managed to capture the true truth about the modern world.

The artist deliberately chose precisely the highest horizon. Already this, he significantly belittled the advantages of the model itself. We seem to be above her and look at her from somewhere above. This significant effect is also significantly enhanced by stools of small height. The viewer sees and feels that the princess is absolutely uncomfortable to sit on it. The pose becomes unstable, tense. All this is reflected in the expression on the face of the heroine of this canvas. Contemporaries said that Orlova preferred expensive toilets.

Serov decided to use this in his own way. He deliberately portrays the model in all its glory. We see a luxurious hat, a sable mantle, a neckline fashionable in those days, a large pearl thread and patent leather shoes. But this gorgeous outfit makes a very strange impression on us. One gets the feeling that these things are driving Orlova into a corner. Huge hat, as if resting on the frame. It seems even a moment, and it will fall directly onto a porcelain vase standing at the back. The foot in pointed shoes is raised very high. She seems to cut the leg of a chair. The fur of the mantle, as if revived. He is very worried and wants to run away as soon as possible in order to expose nudity, which can be guessed intuitively.

The princess looks at us arrogantly. She frantically clutched the mantle and strives with all her might to maintain the elegance of the pose. Her hand, entangled in pearl thread, points to her. It seems even a moment, and the pearl necklace will burst. The same gesture is repeated in the picture, which hangs in the background. Most likely, it depicts a certain plot on the theme of the Bible. The viewer involuntarily begins to compare these two pictures. The result is not in favor of Orlova. It was she who was indicated this place below. The characteristic is as merciless as possible. This is some kind of mouse. Hidden in a corner, not the goddess of beauty in luxurious furs.

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