Description of the painting Pablo Picasso “Two women running along the beach”

Description of the painting Pablo Picasso “Two women running along the beach”

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The work “Two Women Running along the Beach” was written by P. Picasso while relaxing on the English Channel. The master at that time was married to Olga Khokhlova, became a father and was happy. This period of the artist’s creativity is saturated with realism, he was even accused of changing the style. The painting was painted in the neoclassical style. It would seem that the real plot, two running women, but the image is transmitted through the prism of understanding by the artist of his reality.

Not thin and light women of that time, running goddesses and ideals of beauty lend themselves to eyes. These are two ordinary plump women with groomed arms and legs. The figures of the heroines Picasso made disproportionate, somewhere even unnatural. Despite the large silhouettes, the girls run easily, literally hovering above the ground.

The picture is saturated with lightness, flight. Reality is distorted, but not completely lost. Women look free, the wind develops hair, and one heroine's gaze is directed to the sky. She threw her head dreamily, inspiration and contentment read on her face. It creates a feeling of complete happiness and harmony.

Bare breasts indicate a lack of tightness, scope and limitations. The absolute scope of life and free running. Female figures take all the attention, the artist made the background very simple. You can hardly separate the sky from the sea. Floating clouds and heavenly depths indicate good weather, conducive to walks. The sea symbolizes infinity, as well as the run of heroines. Endless free running. Free running from complexes and prejudices, from life frameworks and public condemnation.

It is difficult to imagine at that time a real picture of women running like this. Most likely, it was P. Picasso's fantasy, embodied through an understanding of his individual freedom. This embodiment of mental and physical flight is clear not only to connoisseurs of painting, but also to ordinary people. This work is one of the most popular P. Picasso.

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