Description of the painting by Pierre Auguste Renoir "Dance in the Village"

Description of the painting by Pierre Auguste Renoir

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The famous trio of Pierre Renoir, “Dance in the Country,” “Dance in the City,” and “Dance in Bougival,” was written in 1883. There is no exact information why the artist wanted to write a series of paintings of dancing couples. All paintings contain one plot, on them we see a dancing couple.

The picture “Dance in the Village” is distinguished by the fact that we can fully consider the beautiful happy face of the girl. Unlike the other two paintings, where the girl stands with her back to us, or half-turn. The author portrayed us a couple dancing on the terrace.

On the right you can see a small table where cups and plates are located on the tablecloth. The background is a lush green crown of trees. And if you start to imagine, you can imagine how a couple was sitting at a tea party, when suddenly they heard the sounds of a waltz and started to dance. The heroes of this picture themselves are close people of Renoir, namely his wife and friend.

The girl is dressed in a smart light dress in a small pattern, wearing yellow gloves and a neat cherry-colored hat. In her right hand the girl holds a fan, which she apparently waved on a hot day before the dance. Her face is red-cheeked.

You can see from her face that she is glad to be here. We don’t see the man’s face, but you can notice his stubble, which gives him masculinity. A man is dressed in a classic suit. From closed eyes and a slight smile, you can understand that he also enjoys the ongoing actions.

The picture is clear and memorable. You do not need to be a professional to understand what the author wanted to convey to us. The meaning of the picture is that we know how to enjoy life and understand that the moment is beautiful when we are together with our beloved people. Simplicity made Renoir famous, she also added great value to his canvases. Each year, Renoir paintings are sold for big money at auctions.

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