Description of the painting by Nikolai Romadin “Kerzhenets”

Description of the painting by Nikolai Romadin “Kerzhenets”

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Nikolai Mikhailovich Romadin became a famous artist thanks to the realistic landscapes that he loved to depict. Most of his works are landscapes, although he was engaged not only in the visual arts.

The painting "Kerzhenets" has become one of the most popular works of the artist. It was this picture that Nikolai Romadin himself liked. He was inspired to paint this landscape by nature itself, or rather, the nature of Russia. After all, Kerzhenets is a river that flows in the heart of the forests of Russia. Deep forests, swamps, meadow meadows - these are the most beautiful places for the landscape.

“Kerzhenets” was written in 1946. The picture is made in bright, but not annoying colors. Eyes are pleased to look at everything that happens. The background is blue-green trees. In the foreground, you can see rare bushes with yellow-green foliage. But the most important thing in the picture is the river. It is dark blue in color, reflects birch and spruce, bushes and a floating boat.

Despite the fact that this is a landscape, people are present in the picture. We see a boat floating on the river, and there are two people in it. These are the fishermen. One is standing and rowing, and the other is sitting. No faces are visible, but we understand that they are fishing, and, probably, their mood is good. Their clothes are warm and dark, perhaps the action takes place in the spring.

The picture itself is calm. Looking at her, she does not want to think and philosophize at all. You just understand that nature is the most important thing. If you listen and dream, you can hear the ducks, see the stains on the water and feel the breeze.

Even though there are people in the picture, it is clear that the main character of this landscape is a magnificent river. She is medium in size, not stormy, but she is the main one. Because it is a part of nature. And the main purpose of all landscapes is to show the greatness and beauty of our world. With this, Nikolai Romadin did an excellent job.

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