Description of the painting by Nikolai Rachkov “Girl with Berries”

Description of the painting by Nikolai Rachkov “Girl with Berries”

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N.E. Rachkov in his works embodied the image of the Russian soul and the identity of the people. His paintings are filled with deep philosophical meaning.

The painting "Girl with Berries" is striking in its openness. This is an amazing portrait of a little Russian girl. The girl offers to try the berries. The artist conveyed the plot so realistically that it creates a sense of reality, I want to reach out and try the forest gifts. An open childish face exudes goodness and affection; innocence and naivety are read on it.

It is the children who are so naive, they look at others differently, trustingly. This is so often lacking in adults. The girl wants to treat, disinterestedly, I do not demand anything in return. Wide open eyes open the soul and it is impossible to remain indifferent. It is as if the girl is looking into the heart and is ashamed of bad deeds, and I want to do good. Hands of the child hold a cup with berries tightly. This symbolizes the value of labor, a small child is afraid to drop the berries that were given to her by such labor.

It would seem that in such a little girl and where did so much understanding of life come from, the correct assessment of values. Beads on the baby’s neck adorn her so much. She is still small, but loves to dress up. The mouth is half-open, as if the girl was offering to taste the berries and it seems that she is speaking to you. It is impossible to hide from this piercing gaze.

With his painting, the artist showed the purity, openness of the Russian soul. In the image of the girl everything is harmonious and the clothes, and the look, and gestures. A clean and naive creature, a girl who wants to appear adult. Children at that time worked a lot and at a young age understood the price of labor. Such a clean image pushes people to do good deeds. In the modern world, there is so lack of kindness, and looking at the picture, you return to another time, magical and pure.

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