Description of the painting by Nikolai Romadin “First Flowering”

Description of the painting by Nikolai Romadin “First Flowering”

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An artist of the era of the USSR Nikolai Romadin painted landscapes of all the expanses of the republics, sometimes turning an attentive, studying look at the magnificent architecture of Europe. But most often he returned to the native heart of Russia and described its modest, but rich and mysteriously picturesque nature.

The First Blossom is a 1956 creation. There is no plot in the picture, human life is not noticeable. Even the color of the canvas, at first glance, is monotonous. But if you take a closer look and feel your whole soul in the image shown, then warmth and joy will take over the mood, because the arrival of spring is a real holiday.

We see in the picture a narrow rivulet with fragile graceful trees along its banks. In the distance a meadow spreads and ends with a darkening dense forest. Mirrored river surface catches reflections of blossoming branches. The first tender greens of leaves are blissfully bathed in warming sunlight. Pastel blue shines through the cloud wool of the sky. The canvas is nondescript, obscure, but so radiant and dear!

The Soviet landscape painter was influenced by the impressionist comrades. This fact is clearly discerned in The First Blossom. The author of the masterpiece caught the moment of the arrival of spring, froze in anticipation of the riot of nature and shares with the audience a quiet, gentle sense of serenity.

N. M. Romadina, art connoisseurs compare with the poet Yesenin. Their flaming hearts are fascinated by the Russian land, they beat and create for Russia. The creations of these great people convey the beautiful symbolic image of their native lands and charge them with unthinkable love and respect for it.

The work “Flowering” of the artist - this is the first song in the spring; it is seeing off a gloomy and dirty late winter. Fatigue from the gray landscape is replaced by a jubilant triumph at the sight of blooming kidneys.

A living picture lures the audience into its open spaces, enchants with subtle spring aromas and unobtrusively makes you think about the transience and priceless moments of life.

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