Description of the Andy Warhol painting "Marilyn Monroe"

Description of the Andy Warhol painting

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The work of Andy Warhol "Marilyn Monroe" was equated with a portrait of the Mona Lisa. This portrait was used widely in Hollywood, the image became so popular that after the death of the diva, the canvas was sold for a decent amount.

For the artist himself, the work turned out to be significant, he realized a lot of commercial projects based on it. It is interesting that it was this image of the famous Marilyn Monroe that was remembered, and after all, the actress changed several images for her short life.

Marilyn is depicted in her individual style. She smiles and her eyes are half closed. This look gives the image of sexuality and mystery, so alluring men. Bright lipstick sets off the whiteness of the teeth and emphasizes the lips.

The artist created a portrait in the spirit of impressionism, but nevertheless reflected the true such popular image of the actress. Despite the apparent external attractiveness, a deep meaning is laid in the portrait.

The image of Marilyn served as just a beautiful wrapper, so attracting many fans. She was perceived as a sex symbol and a beautiful woman of an era. For many years after her death, women all over the world copied this original style, discovering sexuality and attracting representatives of the opposite sex.

No one was worried about the inner experiences of this beautiful woman, which led her to a sad end. She was actually very insecure, a shy child hiding behind her seeming confidence. Marilyn considered her acting career unsuccessful and dreamed of serious roles.

The directors saw her only in the image of a sexy seductress. Internal contradictions, depression, failures in personal life and the absence of children were hidden behind the mask of such a beautiful portrait. Warhol was the founder of a series of portraits of Marilyn painted in this style after her death.

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