Description of Titian's painting “Mary's Introduction to the Temple”

Description of Titian's painting “Mary's Introduction to the Temple”

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In Titian’s creative career, the work “Introduction of Mary to the Temple” occupies a special place. This picture connects two completely different periods in the work of the painter.

Another masterpiece of the group scene of the biblical plot, so inherent in the art of Italy in the Middle Ages. The artist conveyed the strength of the characters' characters, their personality and unwavering spirit.

All participants in the event are united by a little girl. The master was able to accurately convey with the help of the drawing the accuracy of the event and its meaning.

The beautiful view of the temple immediately attracts attention, majestic columns, huge stones, carvings and a statue all form a fantastic composition, demonstrating the greatness and power of this place. Such elements make the little girl defenseless and tiny even more.

In this biblical scene, Mary's relatives, a clergyman and ordinary onlookers take part. The importance of this event and the significance of this little creature are felt. The girl froze for a moment on the steps, and she stands on a kind of platform. Perhaps she was in doubt, or maybe the child was just tired.

Ministers of the temple are different from the rest of the characters, they are dressed differently and immediately attract attention. The girl exudes light, grace, hope and faith are embodied in her image. She goes to the temple, bringing people the long-awaited hope.

The astonished faces of observers do not leave anyone indifferent. Even inconspicuous figures express emotions and surprise with their posture. Despite the nature of the picture itself and the dubious reality of many of its elements, the artist brings to the work a part of everyday life and ordinary life.

A woman sitting in the foreground with a basket of eggs is landing a slightly fantastic plot. She, too, was surprised, distracted from her usual business. All the paintings of this painter were close to the people, he unobtrusively included ordinary people in the biblical stories.

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