Description of the painting by Frans Hals “The Jolly Drinker” (The Drunkard)

Description of the painting by Frans Hals “The Jolly Drinker” (The Drunkard)

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Hals loved to spend all his free time in pubs and taverns. But at the same time it will be a mistake to assert that he visited taverns only to get drunk. It was here that he saw those people who then became the heroes of his famous paintings.

This painting is addressed directly to each of us, to ordinary viewers. A cheerful drinking companion holds a raised glass in his hand, and as if about to drink to the health of us all.

One feels a certain overheating of the hero. He's already a little drunk. He is ready to continue his holiday with everyone. Moreover, he absolutely does not care with whom exactly. It is possible that those who stand on the other side of the frame will become his drinking buddies.

Hals is a native of the poor of the then Dutch society. He managed to bring an incredibly healthy stream of common people to art.

The heroes of his magnificent paintings are ordinary people. At the same time, the heroes do not seem at all oppressed and clogged. We do not feel their humiliation. They are incredibly cheerful and ready to constantly enjoy every moment of life.

The patricians, whom Hals portrayed to order, miraculously lose pomp in his portraits. They begin to behave naturally and as relaxed as possible. However, they lose their distinction and become such simple people. At the same time, it is absolutely not felt that they are framed by money and exquisite manners of high society.

Hals tried to emphasize in every person whom he depicted the human principle. At the same time, traits of an estate character went far into the background. At the same time, it is important that wealthy customers did not always appreciate such an unusual approach.

But there were those who still dared to become the hero of the most expressive portraits of Hals. They are rewarded. Three centuries have passed. Now we can see their living faces.

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