Description of the painting by Orest Kiprensky “Portrait of Alexei Olenin”

Description of the painting by Orest Kiprensky “Portrait of Alexei Olenin”

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Kiprensky is familiar to many admirers of fine art as a magnificent master of portraiture. Orest Adamovich wrote many significant people from the imperial nobility and higher circles of literature. “Portrait of Olenin” in 1813 is an image of one of the most prominent organizers of cultural life in St. Petersburg. This influential person had a personal salon where metropolitan artists met. In addition, he was a writer and artist, a scholar in the field of archeology and a statesman.

The artist Kiprensky writes A. N. Olenin in his well-developed and recognizable style. In the atmosphere of the canvas, a raid of romanticism is captured. The uniqueness of the named Russian painter lies in his ability to combine in one portrait a mixture of opposing genre trends: ceremonial, personal and official images.

Looking at his Alexei Olenin, we notice the officiality of the clothes, the elegance of the manners portrayed. But he did not bypass the soul world of the character. A gleaming look is thoughtful and detached. Facial features, noble and calm, harmoniously combined with a carefully thought-out wardrobe of a young man. A black fur collar frames the brightened face of Olenin. Only golden shoulder straps and a pair of buttons echo this striking contrast.

By a skillful method of drawing light spots, the portrait painter emphasized the model’s headdress, curly sideburns, a straight nose and a raised collar of the jacket. The stylish black butterfly on the neck looks very elegant and gives the man a lover of everything beautiful: both in clothes and in art.

The work “Portrait of Venison” was written in Italian pencil and thick pastel. The background is worked out by swift sharp lines of brownish tones. The appearance of the hero of the picture is serene and lyrical.

Today, the Tretyakov Gallery welcomes guests who want to enjoy the live work of the portrait painter Kiprensky.

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