Description of the painting by Pierre Auguste Renoir "The Big Bathers"

Description of the painting by Pierre Auguste Renoir

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Auguste Renoir has always been a sincere connoisseur of the female body and tried to convey this beauty to a wide audience.

The painting "Big Bathers" was perhaps the most striking creative work of this painter. It was on this canvas that he worked for several years, making rough sketches, writing out individual sketches, developing each figure of a woman and making her truly divine.

Rounded female forms, according to the artist, were the most attractive. They were also a measure of female maturity for the time of love feelings. This painting depicts three beautiful women with naked bodies.

Two have already come out of the water and are resting on the shore. They are the owners of not subtle bodies, but it is their bright, juicy forms that attract the attention of the viewer. It is they who are in that ripe age when they resemble a ripe, fragrant fruit, filled with sweet, stupefying juice. Beautiful charmers know this, therefore they themselves admire their whiteness and alluring forms.

The third bather is a young girl. It is evident that the girl’s time has not come yet, she still has such a lively childhood - now she wants to spray water on the broken young ladies, but they are not interested in such games. She is attracted by the mystery of adulthood, she wants, at least, to be near these naked goddesses. A little further you can see how very young girls bathe. Youthful harmony remained the background, without attracting special eyes.

Models for the painting "Big Bathers" were women, well-known. One of them, which is closed with a hand from the spray - Alina Sharigo, later she will become the wife of Renoir. True, the marriage will be concluded five years after their firstborn is born.

The second is Suzanne Valadon, this beauty was repeatedly a model of Renoir, after which she began to paint herself and became famous as the first artist in France, and even later, and as the mother of the painter.

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