Description of the painting by Jean Auguste Ingres "Venus of Anadimeon"

Description of the painting by Jean Auguste Ingres

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The painting of Venus Anadimeon was painted by the famous French artist Jean Auguste Ingres in 1848. It took almost 40 years to write the canvas, with a height of only 1.63 meters and a width of 92 centimeters.

In 1808, the artist began to work on the painting, wrote half of it and for four whole decades did not dare to take up the brush, as he could not find the inspiration in himself to continue.

Not everyone liked the completed picture, since the author made some inaccuracies when drawing the knee of the beautiful goddess. And yet, despite this, the painting was purchased from the artist and exhibited at the 1855 World's Fair.

The plot for writing the canvas was the story of the struggle of Kronos and Uranus, which caused the birth of the delightful Venus, or Aphrodite. Kronos seriously quarreled with Uranus, which led to the castration of the latter. Divine seed mixed with blood and fell into the sea. As soon as this happened, the beautiful moon-faced goddess rose from the sea foam. She was named Venus of Anadimeon - Venus the Frostborn.

In the center of the canvas is Venus herself, depicted as a naked young girl with long blonde hair and a lush bust. one hand is thrown behind her head, and the other gently runs through her hair. Around the heavenly beauty, Cupid children gathered.

Some of them hold small bows in small fists, others offer the goddess to look in a golden mirror so that she can see for herself her own beauty. Cupids are extremely delighted with what is happening, two of them fell at the feet of the goddess and hug them as if she was the best of creatures ever seen by them.

At the feet of the goddess the sea is foaming, cupids are drowning in this foam, but they do not give up. In the background of the picture is a calm night sea. Far away on a dark surface of the water several human silhouettes are visible.

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