Description of the painting by Alexei Venetsianov "Self-portrait"

Description of the painting by Alexei Venetsianov

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Alexey Venetsianov was very gifted, however, he did not rely only on his gift. From his youth, the young man strove to learn artistic skill. At first he studied independently, and later became a student of Borovikovsky.

The talent of the young man was hard to miss, he was especially successful in portraits, and very soon Venetsianov became in demand. The collection of his paintings contains portraits of Karamzin, Gogol, Kochubey. The artist painted portraits of ordinary villagers (Reapers, Sleeping Cowgirl, Arable Farm).

In 1811, Alexey Venetsianov wrote his "Self-Portrait". This work has become one of his famous and vivid paintings.

Using, practically, only brown color and its shades, the painter created an amazingly lively image, accurately conveyed not only a complete, impeccable similarity, but also his state of mind.

The whole canvas is saturated with an aura of nobility, dignity, at the same time, responsibility and readiness for work, work, and actions.

The thin frame does not hide, but rather emphasizes large, attentive eyes. Their deep gaze, calm eyebrow line shows us a man who is passionate about his work.

A soft chin and strong lips indicate kindness, warmth, but not weakness. The snow-white gate emphasizes the binding and discipline of Venetsianov himself.

A brush is in the hand, because work has always occupied the leading role in life with Alexei Venetsianov. So on the "Self-portrait" he is depicted at work. The fingers on the brush lie easily, freely, just as he painted his paintings, freely and easily.

"Self-portrait" grabbed only a moment from the artist’s life, but this moment is described so vividly that you involuntarily wait for a question or movement. It was as if they had just called out the artist, he was distracted for a short while to listen to the interlocutor, and then again to delve into his wonderful world of painting.

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