Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “The road in the rye”

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “The road in the rye”

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Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin is a Russian artist, an unsurpassed master of landscape and pastoral art. The name of Shishkin is probably known to every student - his works are so often found on the pages of books and textbooks, and he must be separately described in the museum.

Shishkin was an honorary academician, head of a landscape workshop, and trained dozens of talented artists. But, despite all the active work in the artistic community of his time, Ivan Ivanovich became famous, of course, for his paintings.

Landscapes of Russian nature, familiar to everyone who has ever left the city, are dizzy with their brightness, vitality and realism. "Road in the rye" was and still is one of the masterpieces of the painter’s brush.

The picture depicts exactly what is indicated in its laconic name - a road that cuts through itself the fields of rye. As in all other landscapes, the canvas is divided into two parts with a clear strip of the horizon. A light blue sky, telling the viewer about the good weather, is dotted with snow-white clouds.

The horizon is almost not cut by trees, which means the field and, along with it, the road stretches still very far from the depicted place. Bright yellow rye pleases the eye, improves mood, as if the sun appears in the picture, floodlight with light all around.

Clearly in the middle, in the very center of the picture, Shishkin places a small figure of a man - a traveler, in a dark canvas robe and with a white bundle behind his back, holding on to a long stick that will help him go the whole long way ahead.

The work has elements typical and atypical for Shishkin. The drawing of grass and details, right down to the traveler’s stick, is very similar to the artist - he is interested in every element to which the master will come to have the same meaning as the general whole. But, for example, the panoramic format of the picture is a rather rare occurrence.

Probably, in this case he was chosen by Shishkin to enhance the feeling of extension, to help the viewer feel the landscape better.

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