Description of the painting by Salvador Dali "Prospects"

Description of the painting by Salvador Dali

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Dali's virtuality and surrealism is deep, complex, involuntarily connected and eludes logical analysis. This is the meaning of the unreal state that comes in dreams.

In the "abnormal" painting, precisely noticed details and images are traced, despite the conscious complexity of the image, looking through which you find yourself in an unknown world of mystical creatures and fluid dreams.

Dali's paintings are a universe of personal experiences. Eroticism and sadism are present in them, life borders on death, and the only possible condition is deformation.

Dali's trademark has become - transformation. Sometimes this technique forms the central essence of the picture, and sometimes it remains a detail. The state of transition, the metamorphosis of an object plays an important role in the world. Here, reality and fiction do not differ. The inconceivable mixture of incompatible details gives a sense of irrational reality, which develops into a single complex.

A work of art is opened to everyone in their own way. No one can explain what can be understood through their own feelings and life experiences. There are a number of characters in the picture.

Human beings in the background resemble insects, or rather locusts or ants, which were signs for the impressionable Dali and were associated with a harbinger of troubles and, as a result, with death.

Despite the masterly mastery of the author, the picture looks etude without a demonstration of technology. He created a kind of desert laconic landscape with a rock in which everyone lives an unreal life.

The artist depicts nudity, in fact, a symbol of surrealism, which exposes everything without any boundaries, as in the surrealist manifesto, saying that "there is no limit to your fantasies," and we come up with the limits ourselves.

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