Description of the monument to the horse in Voronezh

Description of the monument to the horse in Voronezh

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The originality of our country can be envied. Russian people have always been famous for their unusual mentality, which often cannot be understood in any way by other countries. Each country in the world has its own monuments. Some of them personify victories in wars, others praise great people, the third are symbolic, the fourth are original. The latter are increasingly popular.

One of the most controversial monuments in our country is a horse in Voronezh. It causes a storm of emotions in everyone who looks at it. Residents are trying to explain the very peculiar appearance of this animal, which does not at all fit in their heads with a noble horse.

Yes, indeed the horse, by the way, made by the Korean, but with a Russian name, has an ambiguous appearance. Many say that the author apparently never saw horses. Especially everyone is indignant at the back of the horse and the rail in the mouth. And no matter how hard the horse tried to find the breed, none of the known ones still has such individual data.

Why it was not to take any breed as a basis and create a sculpture on it, it is not clear. But, as you know, creative people very often seem strange to everyone else. They have their own unconventional views, even on the most standard things. What are only many paintings by artists who are not sold to any logical explanation.

But no matter how absurd the horse looks, its customer, the hostess of the hotel, is very pleased. This is exactly what she wanted to see a sculpture next to her institution, which, according to her, should personify this place. As for the rails, its purpose in the horse’s mouth symbolizes, according to the author and the customer, the struggle of wildlife with the heavy age of metal and technology.

What to say?! There is no limit to human imagination. And the horse in Voronezh only confirms this. And if the monument should cause emotions in people, then the horse definitely succeeded in it one hundred percent.

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