Description of the painting by Alexei Venetsianov “That's it and Father’s lunch!”

Description of the painting by Alexei Venetsianov “That's it and Father’s lunch!”

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The peasant theme has become central to the work of Venetsianov since 1820. It was at this time that the Russian painter left the capital, moving to the Tver province. Now he personally gets acquainted with the joys and sorrows of the common people. Here, on the Safonkovo ​​estate, he writes genre scenes with the participation of peasants.

“There you go and dad’s lunch!” was presented at the exhibition at the famous Academy of Arts. The painting was created in 1824. She tells of an excerpt from the everyday life of a peasant boy. In appearance, the hero’s paintings are no more than 7 years old. But there is no enthusiastic childish joy on the child’s face. Blond boy is sitting in a pensive pose. A long white shirt is his only robe. He leaned his bare feet on the ground and stones. With one hand he props up his face, with the other holds the lid of the tuezka. At his feet is an overturned container with leftover milk.

The little boy was assigned a responsible task - to bring lunch to his father, who works all day in the field. But he failed to fulfill the task. Either overplayed, or could not bear the heavy weight of the burden. Now sits offended and sad. I thought about what awaits him now for misconduct. After all, it was not out of evil to overturn Father’s lunch.

The figure of a small character is well lit. Venetsianov worked in detail on his portrait. All emotions are read on the face of the hero. The audience involuntarily has to sympathize with his misfortune.

A shaggy dog ​​looks at the boy with a devoted look. A faithful friend silently supports the offender. But this help does not console a tanned child. How is father now without food? Are they scolding at home now or will they be deprived of dinner for this?

With gloomy colors and an eloquent plot, the author showed the plight of the village. Poverty from an early age makes you work and think about the essentials.

Canvas "Here they are and Father’s lunch!" perfectly fit into the collection of the famous Tretyakov Gallery.

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