Description of the painting by Rembrandt "Blinding Samson"

Description of the painting by Rembrandt

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The Dutch painter Rembrandt painted on canvas in 1636 one of the most popular biblical scenes. "Samson's Blinding" was written by other contemporaries of the artist. The work of Rembrandt’s brush is unique in its own way and deserves consideration.

The plot from the Old Testament tells the story of Samson, who possessed tremendous power. Thanks to his power, he could protect the Jewish people from the slave position from the Philistines. The powerful Philistines were molested by the powerful Samson, so they decided to deprive him of his strength. Upon learning that Samson was in a love relationship with the Philistine Delilah, they persuaded the woman to learn about the source of Samson's strength.

For several attempts, he surrendered to the insidious woman, saying that long hair gives him legendary power. Then at the moment of sleep, the soldiers attacked the man, weakened him by cutting his hair, and after that he was blinded. This dramatic moment was portrayed by Rembrandt in Blinding Samson.

The figure of the biblical hero is highlighted in the picture in color. Samson is dressed in bright clothes. Around him thickens the darkness. Five armed soldiers threw the hero to the ground. They in every possible way keep the disarmed man. One of the Philistines with a dagger blinds Samson. Here in the composition there is a traitor - Delilah. She holds cut hair in her hand. Hurrying to escape from the scene of the crime, she turns around curiously, looking at Samson's torment.

Rembrandt masterfully conveyed the passions in a biblical story. Gritted teeth, Samson restrains terrible suffering. The soldiers who surrounded him with decisiveness and equanimity obey the order. Striking is the complete indifference of the characters to the pain of the defeated Samson.

The painting with the biblical scene about Samson is placed at the Shtedelevsky Institute in Frankfurt.

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