Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin "Spruce Forest"

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin

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Ivan Shishkin is a honored and skillful master of the Russian landscape. The artist’s creativity was based, first of all, on a thorough study of nature, which was a big step in Russian fine art. The landscapes of Ivan Ivanovich were realistic, in all their wealth reflecting the richness and beauty of the "living" nature. Shishkin was and remains one of the realist revolutionaries, singing Russian forests. And to this day, the master’s works have not lost their appeal and continue to delight the viewer with a chased drawing and a variety of forms.

The “Spruce Forest” canvas was created in 1890, referring to the late period of creativity and incorporating all those characteristic techniques that Shishkin developed over the years of hard and fruitful activity. Accurate and detailed transmission of trees and plants, skillful emphasis and emphasis on the finest features - breed, color, texture ... The summer state of nature depicted on the canvas is filled with a wealth of shades and the unity of the general gamut.

With enthusiasm, working on the epic and monumental composition, the master turns to light gradation and strengthening the principle of contrasts. The midday sun touches the earth under the trees with its rays and climbs along the centuries-old trunks of pine trees, emphasizing the color palette and the perfection of the corner of the forest world captured on canvas. Shishkin, for a reason, prefers the landscape, considering nature to be an inexhaustible inspiration for creativity and capable of presenting new and surprisingly picturesque and vibrant images each time.

The paradox of the picture is that Shishkin’s pictorial style and realistic images displace any emotional characteristics of the plot. A perfect sketch, but only one of many other random and the same "similar" to reality. Many critics, recognizing the undeniable talent of Ivan Ivanovich, noted the lack of poetry and emotional experience. This led to the fact that Shishkin’s skill as a draftsman lost his advantage in color drawings rather than in their monochrome versions.

To put it mildly, critics thus reproached the master in the proximity of his works to photography. Nevertheless, the works of Ivan Shishkin created a unique native image of the nature of the Russian expanse, close to the national ideal and bearing an original Russian unprecedented scale.

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