Description of the painting by Alexei Savrasov “Winter landscape” (Thaw)

Description of the painting by Alexei Savrasov “Winter landscape” (Thaw)

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Russian artist Savrasov is a true storyteller who can convey a winter fairy tale and a unique display of white color onto the canvas. The picture that takes the viewer on a cozy winter day is the winter thaw landscape, a picture better known as the “Thaw”.

This beautiful picture depicts a field that has no beginning or end, covered with fluffy and snow-white snow. The roofs of the depicted houses are covered with beautiful snow, from which it blows with comfort and freshness. If you look closely at the picture, you can see that a clear blue sky is visible, and the rut of water is no longer burdened with heavy ice. The picture is interesting in that this winter does not repel the viewer, but rather attracts to itself. The picture, which all seems to shimmer with colors, because the artist is not limited to just the colors inherent in winter. Savrasov uses other color palettes, creating a beautiful plot that blows with warmth and the approach of the long-awaited season - spring.

The approach of spring is also signaled by birds, which are reflected in the beautiful painting of Savrasov. The birds that graced the sky seem to enjoy the sun and the approach of spring most of all. To make the landscape realistic and colorful, the Russian artist portrayed people who lead their way directly to the stream.

Warm, colorful winter, combining elements of not only the usual snow for winter, but also birds, which portend the beginning and birth of a new one. Winter landscape is a picture that pleases the eye and makes you take a fresh look at winter and the arrival of spring.

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