Description of the painting by Vasily Kandinsky "Blue Sky"

Description of the painting by Vasily Kandinsky

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Vasily Kandinsky had talent since childhood. Despite the fact that he learned to be a lawyer, receives the title of associate professor, received the right to teach, Vasily makes a strong-willed decision and becomes an artist. A turning point in the life of the future artist was an accident. After Kandinsky saw the canvas of Claude Monet, he decides to paint himself. His first paintings were made in the genre of impressionism.

A picture that looks like a cartoon is a painting by Vasily Kandinsky "Blue Sky". Since ancient times, the blue color has occupied an honorable place among other colors in art and culture. Blue is a space that does not have clearly defined boundaries. Kandinsky considered blue - the color of peace and depth. The dark, saturated color seems to be calling for itself to infinity.

In the painting “Blue Sky” graphic rigor gives way to Baroque motifs. In the picture we notice some creatures - these are strange figures that seem to float in the sky. The artist did not even try to soften the bizarre and grotesque effect of the painting. The figures are moving, smiling. We notice a rather strange figure that looks like a kite - it stares at us in surprise. Every creature smiles. We smile back at them.

Looking at creatures, we cannot understand whether it is the sky or the sea. Creatures are similar to fish, squid and jellyfish. Kandinsky did not give definitions to them. Left this to the speculation and fantasy of the audience.

The picture does not apply to abstract canvases. Here we do not observe aggression, hidden conflicts.

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