Description of the painting by Jean Auguste Ingres "Bather"

Description of the painting by Jean Auguste Ingres

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Paintings on literary and mythological subjects, portraits and historical canvases - it seems that any of the topics is subject to the artist. Frank admiring the beauty of a naked body evokes associations with ancient art. The same detailed drawing of the bends of the body, combined with an amazing smoothness of lines and a fancy play of light.

The classical harmony of the composition, the subtle sense of color and the harmony of light, transparent color are visible in every work of the artist. The portraits of Ingres are distinguished by impeccable drawing and the beauty of silhouettes, combined with subtly noted gestures. The emotional detachment of the master only emphasizes this beauty. Throughout his life, the artist carried a sense of admiration for the beautiful.

The artist complemented the antique glorification of the beauty of a naked body with a liveliness of character and individuality of plastic. The bather's figure is striking in its balance of classical form and realistic details. The central axis of the composition was the smooth back of the girl. Turning away from the viewer, she slightly bent her right hand. The serene property of the bather creates a fragile sensation of momentary when this moment can be broken with a word or gesture.

The artist surprisingly subtly entered complex rhythmic forms into a simple inextricable contour. The figure of the bather is organically placed among the scenery and is shrouded in soft reflected light. It is this light and the muted colors of the general background that create a surprisingly intimate atmosphere.

The bather embodies the classic beauty seen in a living woman.

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