Description of the painting by Elijah Repin “Abramtsevo. Summer landscape "

Description of the painting by Elijah Repin “Abramtsevo. Summer landscape

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Ivan Repin for a long time, quite often visited S. Mamontov and his on their estate near Moscow - in Abramtsevo.

This six-year Abramtsevo period stands out from the general series of his works in other years of his life. Pictures related to Abramtsevo. Very idyllic landscapes, incredibly enlightened. Repin painted landscapes a little - he was too active to slowly penetrate the depths of nature’s originality. And here

Abramtsevo awakened in his soul a poet and lyric poet for a short time.

The summer landscape in Abramtsevo is like a verse - it is so light, harmonious, light, penetrated through by the sun's rays. Some contemplative languor is spread throughout the picture. The poetry of nature, like a summer melody at that time, amazes with the clarity of the smallest details, carefully written out, like a letter to a letter, but in general a poem has turned out.

In the middle of the left part of the picture in the shadow of tall trees on the path is the artist’s wife, Vera Alekseevna. She looks somewhere down from the elevated terrace, which stretches to a house immersed in the dense greenery of a country park.

The porch of the house crosses the path smoothly into a cascading staircase running down from the terrace to the next path below. A summer bench in the shade, a comfortable summer chair closer to the porch of the house - everything here is arranged conveniently for a summer vacation.

The blue sky, as if faded from the summer heat, with light, weightless toy clouds is limitless. The overgrown park attracts and invites you to take a walk in its dense shade. The colors of the languid summer are literally spilled over the entire canvas of the picture. The bright whiteness of the house, the porch, the cascading stairs, the terracotta color of the paths on the terraces, the fresh greens of trees, bushes, flowers, the young woman’s light silver dress all create a surprisingly harmonious, hot summer chord, with its relaxing bliss. The landscape invites you to a calm, unhurried, even lazy rest.

The cottage is surrounded by tall, mighty birch trees. They became a kind of framing of the landscape, at the same time they seemed to protect this cozy, quiet corner from the outside noisy world. But here lazy contemplative peace reigns.

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