Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky "Sea View"

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky

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In 1867, when the era of romanticism flourishes, Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky painted his famous painting "Sea View". The size of the picture is 61x83 oil on canvas. Thanks to his outstanding talent, the artist’s paintings are in the public domain. In his paintings he often depicted the sea, in his paintings it seems to come to life. The soul of the writer was betrayed by the sea. Changeable marine mood depicts the author in his works. It is affectionate and tender, in a tense mysterious calm, changes its brilliance and colors. Having changed the mood, it becomes angry, destroying everything in its path. The masterpiece is written in the manner of realism and is dedicated to the artist’s homeland.

The rumble of a wave that spilled on the sandy shore is perfectly and accurately transmitted. Looking at the picture, the viewer can see the coastal sand that shines through the foam of water. People who came to enjoy the delightful evening sunset. The bright sun sets over the horizon to illuminate the coast again the next morning. Majestic cliffs, mighty waves, the artist depicted with incredible accuracy. Soft sand reflecting the sunset of the evening. Bright iridescent colors of the sea, from dark blue to light turquoise. Aivazovsky’s sea is special, as if revived, it sweeps the shore in a wave. Ships at sea like paper, in captivity, swing in different directions.

Aivazovsky went down in history as a talented painter, whose paintings are exhibited in the country's most famous galleries. His legacy makes a huge contribution to the development of culture. Aivazovsky’s paintings are admired, and his name is praised and revered.

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