Description of Camille Corot's painting “Bathing Diana”

Description of Camille Corot's painting “Bathing Diana”

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When writing one of his latest works, Jean Baptiste Corot used one of the most popular images of Ancient Roman mythology. Diana is the patroness of hunting, forest, the world of animals and plants. Leaving her companions, she decided to swim under the crowns of the trees. At this moment she is not interested in talking. The goddess wants to be alone with herself and forest cool. The world around us reciprocates: petals and even the rays of the sun stretch toward her.

Working on Diana, the artist adheres to the traditions of classicism. This is evidenced not only by the plot, but also by the composition of the picture. It is balanced, and objects do not cause discomfort. Female nudity corresponds to the ideals of a beautiful era. The canvas echoes the work of Watteau, who portrayed the goddess by the stream. Unlike her, Diana Jean Baptiste Corot has no weapons (bow or spear). She's not going to hunt. This technique makes her feminine and very similar to ordinary girls.

In the picture, the author prefers several basic colors: shades of yellow, cinnamon and green. One could reproach Koro for his excessive love of warm colors, if not for a piece of blue sky above Diana's head. A very characteristic and interesting detail that gives freshness to the plot. So we understand that not every young girl will dare to swim in the water in the forest. Particularly noteworthy is the coverage in the Koro painting. The sun is behind the heroine. What illuminates her figure? It can be assumed that the pond is large and light is reflected from its surface. On the other hand, before us is not a man, but a goddess.

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