Description of the painting by Vasily Tropinin “Portrait of Bulakhov”

Description of the painting by Vasily Tropinin “Portrait of Bulakhov”

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This work of Vasily Tropinin is considered one of the best in his work. Here we see a portrait of the famous Russian opera singer Pyotr Aleksandrovich Bulakhov. The singer made his debut on stage just two years before the portrait was painted. Tropinin quickly became friends with a man and decided to capture his image on canvas.

It is believed that the most difficult thing is to portray the simplest person in his usual environment. We see that Bulakhov is sitting in an armchair and posing for the artist. The man freely leaned his right hand on the arm of the chair.

He is not dressed in a formal suit, does not wait for guests. He wears ordinary home clothes - a dark blue robe with a warm fur cape, and a white scarf tied around his neck, from which a snow-white collar of a shirt is knocked out. Bulakhov’s dark curly hair, which clearly makes him younger, gives youthful excitement. The eyes are expressive, a little ridiculous and mischievous.

Artists always like to depict subtle, but very important details in their work. This picture, at the very bottom, depicts a small green book that Bulakhov holds in his hand. Holds weakly, with two fingers, as if she would accidentally drop it now. The book shows that the famous opera singer was a smart, well-read man, but his innate mischief did not fade over the years.

The colors of the work are muted, dark colors are used: black, navy blue, brown. Perhaps the artist tried to convey a homely, slightly intimate atmosphere. There is no need to hide or pretend, you can be yourself. Behind Bulakhov's back, only a plain, dark background is depicted. There is no expensive decoration, no paintings in gilding. Everything is very simple, unobtrusive. The brightest spot at work is the face of Peter Alexandrovich. As if the inner light illuminates it, causing a gleam in his eyes and a modest smile.

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