Description of Henri Matisse's painting “Blue Nude”

Description of Henri Matisse's painting “Blue Nude”

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In 1952, Matisse finished working on a series of paintings that had a common name - “Blue Nude”. The canvases depicted a female figure who skillfully combined with abstract designs and shapes. The artist liked to depict a female body in space in one position - the figure always had crossed legs, while throwing up his hands.

The picture is notable for its harmony. On the canvas, white and blue are successfully combined, while their intricate interweaving with a successful layout of details turns into a female silhouette, slightly distorted. Matisse loved the applique, this made it possible to immediately fill the whole figure with the color he needed. It is impossible to remove one color here - then all harmony will be violated, the whole work will become meaningless. The picture is similar to an intricate sculpture, which managed to transform into a two-dimensional image.

Looking at the work “Blue Nude”, the viewer experiences only a feeling of purity, harmony, lightness. Everything in the picture is so balanced that you can look at it endlessly. It is impossible to imagine today the canvas in a different version of the image, white spots complement the blue color so harmoniously that if they are removed, all harmony and lightness disappears.

The effect of the work “Blue Nude” on the viewer is like the contemplation of sculptures that are made of light, weightless material. As the author himself believed, he wanted to convey to his admirers that feeling of joy that the painters and sculptors themselves experience. It was important for Matisse to create a feeling of cohesion of the picture itself directly with the foundation, with the canvas on which he painted it.

"Blue Nude" - became one of the last works at the end of his work. It was not easy for him. Before completing the picture, Matisse had to dot his notebook with a large number of sketches and sketches. This is proved by the fact that the artist did not have enough to complete the work of the desired piece of the fragment.

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