Description of Vincent Willem van Gogh's painting “Seascape in Saint-Marie”

Description of Vincent Willem van Gogh's painting “Seascape in Saint-Marie”

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The painting “Seascape at Saint-Marie” was painted by Van Gogh in June 1888 on the Mediterranean coast of the fishing village of Saint-Marie. The sea inspired the great artist, and during the Arles period of Van Gogh, one can single out a series of paintings dedicated to the sea beauty. Then he wrote a lot of sketches and sketches from nature.

Even in a letter to his brother Theodore, Vincent wrote about the sea and compared its changeable color palette with the variable color of mackerel, because it also constantly changes color - “now green, then purple; now it seems to be blue, and after a second it already takes on a gray or pink hue. ”

In the painting “Seascape in Saint-Marie,” Van Gogh tried to reflect the very color variability of the sea. The artist weaved into a single plexus a palette of blue, green and orange colors, the transition of which from one to another, recreate unusual overflows of colors. In every overflow life is felt, the sound of the sea surf is heard. Van Gogh clearly emphasized the waves and the vastness of the sea, merging on the horizon with the sky into a single whole.

He loved the sea and tried with every stroke to convey the realism of his feelings, which the Mediterranean Sea evoked from him every minute inimitability.

The artist perfectly managed to convey the unsurpassed beauty of the sea and the constancy of its movement.

In the foreground, he depicted massive crests of waves, and the main emphasis in the composition was made by a small fishing sailing boat, which the wave tilted to one karma. Thus, he once again emphasized the infinity of the sea.

Van Gogh made his signature on the painting with red paint, which is not typical for him. He explained this by saying that he wanted to maintain contrast with the green color of the water.

To date, the painting "Seascape in Saint-Marie" is in the Van Gogh Art Museum in Amsterdam.

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