Description of the painting by Amedeo Modigliani "Anna Akhmatova"

Description of the painting by Amedeo Modigliani

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The drawing has a size of 26.5 by 42.8 cm. It is currently located in the memorial apartment of A. A. Akhmatova in the Fountain House, St. Petersburg, Russia.

The artist for his short life created under the influence of several French schools, but in general he is considered a representative of expressionism and a meter of nude painting, which shows the beauty and attractiveness of a real, sensual female body. This image of the great Russian poet of the Silver Age is also referred to the early such paintings.

Modigliani, who was still unknown for the first time and recently married to Nikolai Gumilyov Akhmatov, met in a Paris cafe in 1910 and immediately felt a special connection. A year later, in absentia, lovers reunited for two incredible and secret months that Anna Andreyevna spent in Paris, despite her husband's objections. Subsequently, this led to the actual termination of her marriage. But the novice master drew sixteen portraits as a gift to his muse, for the most part of which she was completely without clothes. During the wars that followed these events, most of the creations were lost, but this, the poet's favorite, returned to Russia in 2008. The legal owner is V.V. Putin, and until he decides to pick up the drawing, he is exhibited in the above museum.

With just a few surprisingly clear and faithful lines, the author managed to convey a feminine silhouette, presumably in the form of an allegorical Night, regally reclining on the sarcophagus. A recognizable profile and a complex high hairstyle are drawn in more detail. The original idea used is explained by the artist’s enthusiasm at that time for the mythology and art of ancient Egypt, which was extensively presented in a separate exposition hall of the Louvre. Sadly, contemporaries did not recognize a genius, and only after his death was awarded deserved fame.

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