Description of the painting by Titian Vecellio "Gypsy Madonna"

Description of the painting by Titian Vecellio

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The painting "Gypsy Madonna" depicts the Virgin Mary with Jesus. The work got its name because the girl does not look like a European - she has dark skin and dark brown eyes. Tar-black hair knocking out from under a white cape is also noticeable. A woman is dressed in clothes of simple cut, but it is immediately clear that she is sewn from good, expensive fabric. This is not cotton from which clothes were made for commoners. Maria is dressed in a long red dress, and on top of her is a white with a gold shawl, which completely covers the girl's body.

Jesus is depicted as a child, who only recently learned to stand on his own. His mother wrapped him in a piece of white scarf made of thin fabric. But the child is not cold, most likely, this is just a manifestation of love and care. An interesting posture in which Titian portrayed a child. He stands on a table that looks more like a pedestal, and the child’s body bent exactly like the statue “David” of the famous Italian sculptor and artist Michelangelo Buonarroti. In those days, this statue was a symbol of beauty, and was identified with the Renaissance.

The painting of Titian Vecellio "Gypsy Madonna" refers to the early period of the Venetian artist. However, already here we see that Titian moved away from the popular in those days way to portray the main figure in the center of the work. Here we see that human figures violate symmetry - they are depicted on the right side of the canvas. Beyond Mary we see a bright green drapery with stripes. The artist showed incredible skill in depicting this fabric: it is clear that until recently the green canvas lay folded, somewhere in the back of the chest, so we can observe all the bends and creases of the fabric.

In the background is the incredible nature of Florence, with its endless green fields and heady low sky.

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