Description of the painting Ivan Aivazovsky "Thunderstorm"

Description of the painting Ivan Aivazovsky

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Painted in oil on canvas in 1889. It is stored in the Feodosia Art Gallery. I.K. Aivazovsky, Theodosius, Crimea.

This work, like many in the work of this artist, is devoted to the sea element. This time he pays special attention to the outbreak of bad weather, which took a large sailboat by surprise. The canvas clearly conveys the breath of a violent storm full of unbridled wind energy, heavy rain and lightning flashes. It is they who dazzle in the deep ink-violet darkness, shedding some light on the shipwreck.

The ship, the silhouette of which is barely visible through the veil of rain on the right, is still trying to bank afloat, but inevitably sinks. Behind him, against the background of a slightly brightened alarming purple-violet sky, you can see how high the crushing waves reach. A huge black and blue cloud opened right above the ship in a terrible situation, illuminated by an electric discharge, it seems even bigger and heavier - it is unlikely that all the moisture will pour out of it quickly.

Some of the sailors are trying to escape, clutching with all their might to the wooden fragments in the foreground, but in the boiling and raging kingdom of Poseidon, they are likely to find only death. In the dark, their spread out tensed figures are barely visible.

The mastery of the painter was perfectly manifested in the selection of gloomy and beautiful color schemes, which at the right time rapidly lose saturation, becoming much brighter, lighter and harmless in the illuminated areas. The viewer can feel with all his heart the despair and struggle of the crashed, feel the squally gusts of a typhoon and a lot of splashes on his face, imbued with the tragedy of the unfolding action and hope for a successful outcome.

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